Vatican Says Pope is Willing to Meet with Victims of Abuse

Posted Apr 9, 2010 by Leo Reyes
A report from Vatican says the Pope is willing to meet with victims of abuse by some misguided priests in response to allegations that Vatican has criticised media for allegedly fanning a hate campaign against the Pope.
Pope Benedict XVI  previously known as Joseph Ratzinger
Pope Benedict XVI, previously known as Joseph Ratzinger
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Thousands of people called a new hotline that was set up in Germany to receive complaints on the widespread abuses by Catholic priests. The hotline recorded at least 13,000 attempted calls from the public in just three days. Most of the call did not get through as the system jammed.
This situation is seen in other parts of the world as complaints of abuse by Catholic priest have been noted in many countries across the globe while a rising protest from the public has been noted lately in Ireland and other parts of the United Kingdom. Complaints of abuse has been also noted recently in Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.
Last Friday the Pope said Vatican is willing to meet with victims of abuse by some Catholic priests and take part in the healing process
The Vatican blames the media for what it calls a smear campaign against the Pope, who it says has shown firmness and determination in cracking down on abuse by priests. Pope's spokesman Federico Lombardi on Friday defended Benedict as a leader worthy of respect and support.
Last month, the Pope has issued a pastoral letter to members of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland in connection with the reported sexual abuse by some Catholic priests committed on persons especially children under their care.
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The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, softened its recent attacks on the media, which the church has accused of mounting a hate campaign against the pope.
Lombardi defended Benedict as a pastor worthy of respect and support in the face of the "unfounded" allegations. But he also focused on the victim's needs.
The Pope is expected to visit the United Kingdom late this year to address the reported abuses by priests mostly in England and Ireland which have been widely criticised by the public especially by the members of the catholic faith