South Korean tanker hijacked by pirates

Posted Apr 5, 2010 by Alex Harrison
A massive South Korean-operated tanker with 24 crew members has been hijacked in the Indian Ocean by Somali pirates. South Korea has already sent a destroyer to intercept the tanker.
Pictures of Somali pirates.
Pictures of Somali pirates.
Mass communication Specialist 2nd Class Jason R. Zalasky
The Samho Dream, loaded with crude oil, was travelling from Iraq to the United States when it was hijacked on Sunday, reports the BBC. Somali pirates have made millions of dollars in ransom payments over the last year.
Over the last few months pirates have begun hijacking ships further out to sea even closer to the Indian coast than to Somali.
"The government has dispatched our Cheong-hae naval unit to the waters of the Indian Ocean, where the ship hijacked by Somali pirates is assumed to be," said the Korean Foreign Ministry.
The Samho Dream's oil cargo's estimated value is around $170 million (£111.7m).