Hugo Chavez: Hillary Clinton thinks U.S. owns South America

Posted Mar 27, 2010 by Andrew Moran
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has once again criticized the United States and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or as he dubbed the "Blond Condoleeza," by stating that she thinks the U.S. owns the South American continent.
Hugo Chávez
File photo: Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, holds a miniature copy of the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution at the 2005 World Social Forum held in Brazil.
Courtesy Agência Brasil
Since Hugo Chavez became President of Venezuela, he has been a tough critic of U.S. foreign policy and has accused the U.S. of countless acts such as being behind the Haiti earthquake by using a natural disaster weapon that was intended for Iran and using the devastation in Haiti as means to occupy the Caribbean nation.
On Friday, during his visit to Ecuador, the Venezuelan President charged U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an ancient thinker and considers herself as an “imperial lady.” Chavez also added that she thinks the U.S. owns the South American continent, according to Press TV.
“She still considers herself the imperial lady. She is behind the times. She still thinks the United States is the owner of this continent,” said Chavez.
The Latin leader’s comments come after Clinton had criticized Venezuela for imprisoning television station owner Guillermo Zuloaga for allegedly criticizing the Venezuelan President as she accused the government of censoring freedom of speech and advised the country to restore “full democracy,” reports the Associated Press.
Attorney General Luisa Ortega charged Zuloaga with deliberately spreading false information and insulting Chavez at a press meeting in Aruba last week, reports Reuters India.
Clinton’s comments prompted Chavez to defend the actions of Venezuela, “A Venezuelan judge comes along and orders the detention of a criminal in Venezuela who owns a media outlet. And then they attack the government of Venezuela ... for attacking press freedom, for attacking journalists and the news media - what cynicism. It's the cynicism of the (US) empire.”