Op-Ed: Sharpton Admits A Vote For Obama Was A Vote For Socialism

Posted Mar 24, 2010 by Steve Bellah
In this video, the reverend Sharpton admitts that when the American people voted for Obama for president, they were voting for Socialism.
Sharpton told Geraldo Rivera that Obama is doing exactly what he promised while campaigning.
“First of all, then we have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama,” Sharpton said. “Let’s not act as though the president didn’t tell the American people – the president offered the American people health reform when he ran. He was overwhelmingly elected running on that and he has delivered what he promised.”
Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of truth in the old saying that....we get the government we deserve. For the time being anyway, that certainly appears to be the case.