Woman spends $50,000 treating sick parrot

Posted Mar 19, 2010 by Alex Harrison
Anne Lowery from Miami Florida spent over $50,000 treating her sick parrot, 42 year old Areba who was her companion of 30 years.
Areba was diagnosed with cancer in February last year and her owner had no hesitation in shelling out $50,000 to treat her.
‘When the doctors at Tampa told me that Areba had cancer, they gave her only two months to live,’ said owner Anne Lowery, ‘Even though she was in middle age for a parrot, this seemed an aggressive time frame and I thought nothing of putting her into the care of the staff at the Florida Veterinary Specialists‘
Despite all of the treatments Areba passed away this week a little more than a year after being diagnosed and given 2 months to live reports The Telegraph.
Dr Teresa Lightfoot, who treated Areba said: "It was tough for Areba. But we improved her quality of life and gave her and her mom more time together."