Grandmother Loses Fingers Feeding Bear

Posted Mar 7, 2010 by Sam Duck
Tracy Weiler, a forty-seven-year-old grandmother, has lost her thumb and forefinger at Wisconsin’s Lincon Park Zoo on Friday. The woman apparently attempted to feed an Asiatic black bear. She also lost parts of her middle and ring finger.
Drew Avery
The woman ignored safety signs because, according to Weiler, she wanted to impress her granddaughter by feeding the bear chips. We could safely assume that her granddaughter, only three, may not have been that thrilled.
Weiler’s boyfriend, Lawrence Bosworth, aged 51, was also bitten when attempting to release Weiler from the bear. The pair have both received rabies vaccines.
Zoo keepers of the two bears, Moe and Honey, are unsure of the bear involved in the incident.
The couple were apparently intoxicated, which might explain why the woman saw fit to thrust her hand towards a 250 pound bear with razor sharp teeth. Or maybe the signs reading “Stay away from fence" and "Do not feed animals" were too abstract and difficult to comprehend.