Palin's dreams of glitz and glamor come true?

Posted Mar 5, 2010 by Matt Harding
Sarah Palin is making her rounds in Hollywood; that proposed talk show is more than just an idea. More info has surfaced about the show she's pitching.
Screen shot by matildalavender
No, the proposed new show is not a talk show. What it is: a travel-type documentary from producer Mark Burnett (Survivor). On the show, Palin gives viewers a closer look at her home state of Alaska.
The show is designed to run for eight episodes, at most, and will present stories about Alaska's unusual traditions, such as the Iditarod. A two-minute preview for the show was sent around to networks, which includes voiceover statements flaunting Alaska as "the most fascinating state, with the most fascinating statesperson." So much for being coy.
The teaser shows sweeping views of AK and also includes a line that says Alaska "is two miles from Russia," a long-running SNL/Palin joke.
For now, Palin's family is not likely to participate.
The show is "Palin's Alaska," says one executive familiar with her pitch. "There's nothing political about it."
Palin and Burnett have already made stops at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and have scheduled meetings with cable networks like the History Channel and A&E.