Mitt Romney threatened, hit by airline passenger

Posted Feb 15, 2010 by Andrew Moran
Republican politician Mitt Romney was threatened and possibly hit by an Air Canada flight passenger leaving Vancouver. He was uninjured.
Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney.
Romney campaign
On Monday, former Republican 2008 Presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney was threatened by a violent passenger on board an Air Canada flight from Vancouver, according to Globe and Mail.
Romney and his wife were sitting in the economy section waiting for the plane to take off when a man in front of the former Governor dropped his seat back. The possible 2012 Presidential contender asked the man to move it upright when the man became “physically violent,” while an eye witness said the man attempted to hit Romney but was not injured.
Spokesperson for Romney, Eric Fehrnstrom, said, “Gov. Romney did not retaliate.”
Romney was leaving from the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics, where he has been since the opening ceremony, and allowed the airline crew to deal with the situation. Romney did not respond to any questions regarding his flight.
UPDATE #1: Politico has verified the reports.