Alleged vandal clearly picked wrong glass door to deface

Posted Feb 15, 2010 by Sandy Sand
If MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann still had his “Dumbest Criminal” segment, an alleged vandal, who tried to deface a glass door, might be a candidate.
A man who was allegedly trying to deface a glass door in a conference room in the City of Industry, California, got the surprise of his life when he opened the door to find himself being stared down by more than 100 police officers and sheriff’s deputies, who were attending a training class.
Training they got.
Police said the alleged graffiti artist, Joshua Vasquez, 22, was arrested after he allegedly tried to deface the door using etching materials.
Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said Vasquez couldn’t see inside, but the officers in the room could clearly see him.
Parker said Vasquez open the door, allegedly to etch the inside of it, when he suddenly saw dozens of police rushing toward him.
Vasquez turned and fled, Parker said, with at least four dozen police in pursuit. Parker added that the suspect tripped and fell and was quickly taken into custody.