Sarah Palin wants the U.S. President to declare war on Iran

Posted Feb 8, 2010 by Andrew Moran
Speaking in an interview with Fox News recently, former Governor of Alaska and possible 2012 Republican Presidential candidate urged President Barack Obama to declare war on Iran in order to get re-elected in 2012.
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
by rhilton4u
Last week, Digital Journal reported that commentator Daniel Pipes stated in an opinion piece in the National Review that he wants United States President Barack Obama to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, which he believes would save the Obama presidency.
On Sunday, former 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said in a Fox News interview on Sunday that she also wants the President to declare war on Iran and support Israel to the fullest possible extent, according to The Richmark Sentinel.
“Say he decided to declare war on Iran or decided really to come out and do whatever he could to support Israel, which I would like him to do.” Palin continued, reports Hamsayeh, to state that a military attack would change the dynamics in what could happen within the next three to five years.
Palin added that she believes if there was an election today, Obama would not be re-elected, notes Press TV. The comments come as the United States and its allies have been pushing tougher sanctions against Iran for their nuclear program, which they vehemently deny that it's for weapons purposes.