Balky b-w-a-a-a-king hen outwitted, reeled in by boy and his mom

Posted Feb 4, 2010 by Sandy Sand
A black hen that has been dodging traffic and eluding capture for two month, was finally outsmarted and netted by an eight-year-old and his mom, and all it took was a couple of fishing nets.
Reported here, the hen, nicknamed Lucky by passers-by who have watched her play “chicken” by dodging cars in a busy Glendale, California, intersection and avoid capture, was finally netted and reeled in by Berna Arnold and her eight-year-old son by trapping it in fishing nets.
Until Arnold and her son arrived on the scene, no one, not even the occasional coyote could get near Lucky.
Hillary Gatlin, Pasadena Humane Society spokes woman, said humane officers tried seven times to capture the elusive hen, but every time they approached she’d fly to the nearest tree.
The bird was considered a hazard by traffic officers, who really wanted to see her captured safely before she caused an accident that could bring harm to drivers, passengers or herself.
Now that she’s finally been netted, she will live with the Arnolds at their Simi Valley home, where she’ll have a lot of animal company. She'll be sharing her new home with three of her own kind, a horse, a bearded dragon and lizards.
Click here to see video of the enchanting black hen who gained quite a fan club while avoiding capture.