Footprints in snow lead police to snack food thieves

Posted Feb 4, 2010 by Sandy Sand
It didn’t take a bloodhound to track two hungry burglary suspects. All police had to do was follow the footprints they left in an inch of snow.
The pair of suspects, who allegedly burglarized the Merita Bread Company in Kingsport, Tennessee, were found hiding under a truck parked outside the bakery on Friday night Jan. 29, police said.
Deputies with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office said they found $300 worth of snack food, including Twinkies and cupcakes in boxes stacked on the ground around the truck.
James M. Denoon, 34, and Anthony Stout, 18 were arrested and charged on one count of suspicion of theft under $500 and two counts of auto burglary, police said.