Op-Ed: Will The Colts Pull it Off?

Posted Feb 2, 2010 by Kristofor Molson
The Indianapolis Colts didn't make it a perfect season, but they did make it to the Superbowl in Miami, Florida. The question now is, will they pull it off?
First the New Orleans Saints lost to a hopeless Dallas Cowboys team two weeks ago and now the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts lost to a New York Jets team where a head coach gave his concession speech a week earlier. The Colts had the game in hand with an early six to nothing lead. Coach Jim Caldwell pulled all the starters in the third quarter and the Colts had no Peyton power to make that fourth quarter comeback.
This makes me ask the question, were the Colts Wrong? The Indianapolis Colts have flirted many times with a perfect season, but always came up short. The reason for them never really getting that perfect mark was due to the coach resting their players for the post season. The Colts didn't rest the starters a few seasons back and won a Super Bowl, but the Colts fell from the unbeaten rank in the eleventh week.
This year was supposed to be different for the Indianapolis Colts. With a new head coach and Peyton Manning looked like he was unaware of where the organization was going before the beginning of this year’s season. Sports writers were ready to give the Colts a wild card spot in this years playoffs, but no one expected another strong Most Valuable Player campaign by Peyton Manning and was on the verge of a perfect season with the top seed in the AFC.
Now everyone is second guessing if the coach messed up the perfect season by pulling out the starters in a game that was still winnable. I would blame the coach, but first I have to say the real reason. The media wouldn't let the resting of the players alone. They continued to hound Coach Caldwell and the team about if he was or wasn't going to rest the starters that the coach almost looked confused at times and the players seeming too frustrated to even care anymore.
But if you ask me I totally blame the coach he fell to the pressure of the media and to the unsureness of himself to make history. Yes in this big world sports is just a small piece, but to make history is a historic and fulfilling feat. Why else does Mercury Morris come out of hiding to spit hot fire rap lyrics and telling each team they're not on his block because there is nothing like being perfect. Coach Caldwell could've been the first coach ever to start his head coaching career undefeated, but instead sold himself short. The Colts did make the Super Bowl and are favored to win, but can they pull it off?