Trash turns to treasure for man rummaging through garbage

Posted Jan 28, 2010 by Sandy Sand
Dumpster diving paid off for a Florida man who found treasure buried in the collection of refuse, but he'll have to wait to cash in.
A man  dumpster diving  outside of Top Drawer
A man "dumpster diving" outside of Top Drawer
It was a fortuitous day for a Stuart, Florida, man who came up with treasure after rummaging through dumpsters.
Warren Bendix was scavenging through trash when he found a framed photograph of the space shuttle and decided to rescue it from the refuse heap in a dumpster located near the apartment where he lives, police said.
When removing the photograph from its frame to replace it with a new one, Bendix found $3,100 in cash hidden beneath the photo.
Police said he reported his newly acquired treasure trove to them, and said he can claim the cash if the owner doesn’t show up to claim it.