Meteorite Lands in Virginia Doctor's Office

Posted Jan 22, 2010 by Michael Bearak
A meteorite fell through the roof of a doctor's office in Lorton, Virginia. It was a half-pound meteorite made of chondrite.
Murchison Meteorite
Murchison Meteorite
Doctor Frank Ciampi got a rude visitor Monday evening when a half-pound meteorite crashed through the second floor of his two-story building.
The space rock went through the roof and them a wall partition and a particle board ceiling and broke up when it hit the floor of an examination room. Fortunately no one was injured when the rock crash landed.
Linda Welzenbach of the National Museum of Natural History said, "It's not really big. It's about the size of your first."
Witnesses said it sounded like a bookshelf falling when it crashed into the building.
Welzenbach said the meteorite was delivered to her via courier and she confirmed that it is chondrite and that hopefully it will be part of the Smithsonian collection.
This was not the first meteorite to land in Virginia. There have been four reported landings; the most recent occurred in 1924.