Nokia Launches Free Navigation Services

Posted Jan 21, 2010 by Owen Weldon
Nokia, based in Finland, is the largest cell phone maker and on Thursday they released a range of new free-of-charge services to hype up its offerings of services and sell more phones.
Cellphones dumped in a pile
Discarded old cell phones, some with lithium-ion batteries.
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Nokia’s new offering of services might make it possible to use mobile phones’ navigational services without being connected to the Internet. Travel guides and new graphics will also be included in the new services, according to Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia's Executive Vice President Markets
Nokia’s offer is completely free and customers will also be able to download maps from Nokia’s website in over 180 countries.
So far phones with Global Positioning System has ended up in more than 80 million peoples’ hands and following Thursday’s offer, sales of phones with navigation are expected to go way up
Vanjoki said that the reasoning of the overall service offering is because of navigation as it is a key part. He said that the launch should have a big impact on business.
In 2008 Nokia bought Navteq, a digital map maker, for more than $8 billion to strengthen its presence in that field.
When it comes to the mass market of Mobile phones, Nokia has a firm grip around it but sources say that Nokia needs to do more with offering services and if the company wants to win in the profitable and competitive Smartphone segment than they need to launch more high-end phones and devices.
Thanks to the sales of the iPhone by Apple inc. The Smartphone market has been growing steadily. Google launched its open operating system called Android and launched Nexus One, which is a high-end handset built around the Taiwan-based htc Corp’s Android platform.
In 2009, in the third quarter, Nokia had more than 37 percent share of the global handset market which was down almost 10 percent a year earlier, according to the research firm Strategy Analytics.