Cocaine found in NASA shuttle hangar

Posted Jan 18, 2010 by Gordon K. Chan
Florida -- A bag of cocaine has been discovered in a high security area of the space shuttle hangar at Kennedy Space Center. Concerns are raised as the shuttle Discovery is due for launch in March.
bruce tutem / flickr
Getting high has always meant something else at NASA. Noted as a rare and isolated incident, illegal substances have been found by NASA space shuttle Discovery. The American space agency has launched a full investigation.
"We do not tolerate the use of illegal substances for people who work on the orbiter", stated a NASA spokesperson from a Times report.
Approximately 200 workers that have access to the secure area are all being questioned. Federal investigators have been brought in and drug tests, interviews and drug sniffing dogs are being deployed in the investigation.
The shuttle Discovery is scheduled for launch to the International Space Station in March 2010.
NASA states the mission's safety has not been compromised.