Op-Ed: Sex Robot an Example of Intelligent Design?

Posted Jan 10, 2010 by R. C. Camphausen
With Roxxxy the Sex Robot making her world debut, believers in intelligent design as well as scientific Darwinians have a new problem. Is Roxxxy the pinnacle of evolution or is it the almighty's creation?
Screen capture from company website
Screen capture from company website
True Companion PR material
It may easily happen that Roxxxy the life-size female sex robot turns out to be a heavenly gift, and I don't necessarily mean for the men who order a copy from the company named True Companion.
Rather, it may turn out to be a gift for all those partners, wives, spouses, girlfriends and other women who live with men who'd be willing to choose Roxxxy as a companion. True, the never ageing robotic girlfriend - as the company advertises this artificial intelligence call-girl - has several different personalities that may even be "tweaked" by the new owner, but the serious question does arise whether or not any male can be regarded sane who is happy to choose between the following personalities: Frigid Farah, Mature Martha or Wild Wanda - to name but three of the possibilities.
The robot's designer, one Douglas Hines, seems to be a crack in artificial intelligence and has worked at Bell Labs (as reported by France 24), but one has to doubt his social maturity, empathy and knowledge of psychology when designing a so-called true companion that listens to the name S&M Susan ...
On the other hand, Hines' invention may turn out to be a true savior for all of us, because the price tag for Roxxxy, and her planned future mate Rocky, is about 7 to 9 thousand dollars (US). Selling a few millions of these, we may perhaps emerge out of the present recession and into a world without climate change, without wars, without rape or other manners of sexual abuse.