Tiger Woods accused of having male lovers

Posted Jan 7, 2010 by KJ Mullins
One of Tiger Wood's many mistresses is now saying that the golf star had male lovers. Loredana Jolie Ferriolo is the only one of Woods' lovers making claims that she witnessed Woods having sex with men.
Golfer Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
Photo by mandj98
Loredana Jolie Ferriolo is reportedly shopping around for someone to pay $1 million for her story. She has given graphic details on Woods' sex life, says Radar Online.
Ferriolo has also claimed to be the golf star's favorite mistress.
So far thirteen women have stepped forward claiming to have had affairs with Woods. No men have come forward with the same claims.
Showbiz Spy is saying that Woods is now staying with friend Jim Dolan, the CEO of Cablevision and owner of Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks, after the man reached out to Tiger.
“Dolan has even opened up his fleet of jets to Tiger. He’s the one keeping him under the radar.
“Jet-setting everywhere. I know Tiger’s flown on Jim’s jet from Florida probably three times.”
In an interview with Vanity Fair from 1997 Woods joked about gay sex. 9 News reports:
during the tape recorded interview that Woods said lesbians are "faster" at sex than gay men because women "are always going 69".