Op-Ed: Floyd's Best Option? Give up Random Blood Test and Beat Pacquiao

Posted Jan 2, 2010 by Edwin Ladaga
In the wake of Pacquiao filing a defamation lawsuit against Floyd's camp and Arum shopping for a new opponent for the Filipino boxing superstar, Floyd is left looking for an opponent that would cement his legacy while giving him a big payday.
Floyd Mayweather Sr. with Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao with Bob Arum and Mayweather Sr.
Most boxing writers would pick the winner of the Berto-Mosley fight as a the next opponent for Floyd Junior. Shane is favoured to win in this fight and would pose more difficulty for Mayweather than Pacquiao would in terms of style and weight advantage.
The second option would be Paul Williams, who is reportedly coming back to the welterweight division. The six footer posed the greatest risk and less monetary reward for Floyd Jr. He is taller, have a longer reach and can deliver more than a hundred punches per round.
The third option is a fight with either Cotto or the returning Antonio Margarito, whose boxing suspension is due to expire in the first quarter of the new year. I doubt if Money May will be entertaining these two welterweights, who are still capable of beating him if he is not careful.
All of these options would not satisfy Floyd's completely. Any of three options would earn him less money compared to a fight with Pacquiao.
The fourth and the best option would be to give a the random blood testing and beat Pacquiao in a fight everyone wants to watch. It is a fight that would ensure him the biggest payday of his life while at the same time engaging a fighter that would further cement his legacy.
The Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown is a fight that Money May holds several advantage already. He has the height advantage and possesses a longer reach than Pacquiao. He is also the bigger man in this fight and had fought bigger guys like Oscar De La Hoya in 154 pound division. His hand speed is known to be as quick as that of Manny. His defensive skills and the ability to think and adapt as the fight goes on are amazingly pleasurable to watch.
Pacquiao is also a southpaw and he’s vulnerable to right hands by an orthodox, dominantly right-handed fighter. There’s a reason why Pacquiao has yet to fight an orthodox, dominantly right-handed puncher like Mayweather. We all know that Roach has steered Manny in not fighting fighters like Joan Guzman because of his style. Pacquiao has problems with Marquez, a brilliant counterpuncher. Floyd is faster and much better defensive fighter than the Mexican lightweight champion.
Floyd has the clear style advantage in this fight. If Pacquiao is an easy fight as he claims it to be , then Mayweather Jr. should drop the blood testing bit and treat his fans into the match of the decade.
Mayweather needs the Pacquiao fight badly in order to silence his critics. Beating an elite fighter in his prime would solidify Floyd's claim that he is the best in his generation. This is his best option.