Op-Ed: Limbaugh either refuses to understand, or simply can't

Posted Jan 2, 2010 by Oliver VanDervoort
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh left a Hawaii hospital after a chest pains scare, and always one to belittle the real problems most Americans face, declared the American Health Care system, 'just dandy'
Rush Goes Tomatoes
Rush Goes Tomatoes
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The problem with Rush's statement is that - as so often is the case with Rush - he either refuses to see the big picture, or is simply unable to. Whether you agree with the Democrats and President Obama's approach to trying to 'fix' the health care and insurance system in this country, I think we can all agree that of course the system is 'just dandy' when you have the money to pay for the best care on the planet.
No one thinks that American doctors are terrible, no one thinks that all American doctors are incompetent. That isn't what's at the root of the efforts to affect change. The problem lies with the fact that had any one of tens of millions of Americans had the same problems they might not be strutting out of the hospital today. And if they were, they'd be looking at a mountain of medical bills that would be insurmountable.
Coincidentally, an elderly family member of mine was admitted to the Hospital the day after Christmas this year because his heart beat was extremely erratic, and way too fast. He spent four days and nights in the Hospital before they were finally able to return his heart rhythm to a level the doctors were comfortable with and he was released. He's feeling better now, and no doubt he feels American health care is 'just dandy' as well.
The difference between Rush and my family member is that my family member will have less to worry about as far as medical bills thanks to being covered under Medicare. God only knows what would have happened to him had this country not had that program in effect for so long.
But I misspoke earlier. I don't think that Rush doesn't understand, or even refuses to see the nuance behind the attempts to get more Americans decent health coverage. He understands it's pretty darn ridiculous for one of the richest men in this country to talk as though he understands the plight of the people who are uninsured, and have to weigh a trip to the doctor against the costs that might be incurred. He knows that his celebrity too, might have bought him better care than millions of people could ever dream of.
He just doesn't care.