Portland Rail System Big Solution to New Year's Drunk Driving

Posted Dec 31, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
Portland's transportation system has been lauded by many but never so much as for New Year's eve. From 8:00 pm until 3 a.m. New Years day, Tri-Met is offering free rides for everyone. Given concerns about drunk driving, this is a major solution.
Tri-Met transportation system in Portland  Oregon is offering free rides to revelers from 8:00 a.m. ...
Tri-Met transportation system in Portland, Oregon is offering free rides to revelers from 8:00 a.m. to 3 a.m. the New Years holiday to help prevent drunk driving.
According to KGW News this morning, Tri-Met has made an offer it hopes folks won't refuse. This comes on the heels of statistics about drunk driving and Portland's concerns about having to deal with it during a very busy time. This also comes after the recent winter crisis where, along with the weather bureau, it has received criticism for not doing enough for communiters when a few inches of snow hit the roads. Perhaps this may alleviate some of the bickering back and forth about it, as commuters were also told they should have been better prepared as there was no advance warning for anyone about the coming snowstorm. Still a handout of transportation is said to be a good thing when things could go bad, especially with drunk drivers on the road during predicted rain.
In April the U.S. Secretary for Transportation called Portland's light rail system a "model for the nation" according to Portland's flagship online news. Secretary Ray LaHood said, Portland is "a model for reducing pollution, getting people out of their cars" and creating livable communities.
Action 22 News in Georgia points out the great risks of drinking and driving that Portland's Tri-Met has offered to help alleviate. The report quotes an attorney who details the issues and how drinking and driving can be have sobering results. These include large fines, special classes, jail time and the potential loss of job, home, and car as well, of course, as the loss of life.
Portland's rail system offers a remedy. It hopes the city's revelers will use the remedy as the designated driving so everyone gets home safely from celebrations.