Pro Football: Carolina Moves Delhomme to Injured Reserve

Posted Dec 24, 2009 by Michael Bearak
Carolina Panther's quarterback Jack Delhomme hasn't been making the progress needed, so team moves him to injured reserve. This now raises questions as to his future with the organization.
The Carolina Panthers announced today that they have moved quarterback Jack Delhomme to injured reserve and promoted Hunter Cantwell from the practice squad.
Delhomme was awarded a contract, after last season's awful 6-turn over loss to Arizona, of 3 years worth more than $25 million, of which $13 million is guaranteed.
Coach John Fox released a statement, "We thought he might be further along as far as his finger. We kind of looked at it this week as far as gripping the ball, throwing the ball and it wasn't up to speed. We felt we needed to get another quarterback up."
The Panthers have found some success with Matt Moore at quarterback as he has won 2 out of 3 starts in Delhomme's absence.
2009 had not been Delhomme's year. After the 6 interceptions against Arizona in the playoffs he added 5 more in the first game of the year against the Philadelphia Eagles. Accuracy had been a huge issue in this season only completing 55.5 percent of his passes, coupled with 18 interceptions and just 8 touchdowns in 11 games let to the fans calling for his benching. As the Panthers' starter he is 58-40 and led them to the Super Bowl in 2003.
The inconsistant play of the Panthers, not just Jack Delhomme, has led to questions about the future of the team. Delhomme's name hasn't been the only name up for considered replacement, head coach John Fox has also been surrounded by rumors of replacement at the end of the season. A major drawback is that the Panther's do not have a first round draft in the 2010 draft.