Singer Susan Boyle trying to cope with instant fame and fortune

Posted Dec 22, 2009 by Leo Reyes
Singer Susan Boyle, the runner-up in the reality show "Britain's Got Talent" is trying to cope with new-found fame and fortune. The 48-year-old's hit song "I dreamed a Dream" continues to climb the music charts after it was released Nov. 23, 2009
Britain s Got Talent
Britain's Got Talent Grand Final: Susan Boyle delivered what Piers called the 'performance of the night'.
Boyle joined Simon Cowell's show Britain's Got Talent in April this year where she landed second place behind behind a dance troupe called Diversity. Her rendition of "Cry me a River," had been watched more than 100 million times on the Internet and her rise to stardom has been phenomenal.
“When it all first happened I just thought ‘Oooh, my God’. I didn’t know what to think,” said Boyle. “It was all so sudden. It felt like a giant demolition ball in a way. The impact of it was so hard. It still is very strange to me. But now I have learned how to deal with."
Boyle has already shattered all chart records with her debut album I Dreamed a Dream and she's now being groomed to sing and record the next James Bond theme song.
The LP sold an astonishing 411,000 copies in the UK in one week and more than two million copies worldwide, making it the fastest-selling debut album by a woman ever.
It is still clocking up sales at an incredible rate.
Boyle who was born when her mother was 47, was deprived of oxygen during birth and was later diagnosed as having learning difficulties. She said she was bullied as a child.
Boyle was previously rumored to be mentally disturbed after she entered a psychiatric clinic and stayed for a couple of days. It turned out she was exhausted and emotionally drained.
"She's been battered non-stop for the last seven weeks and it has taken its toll," a family member said.