Cleveland Browns Meet with Mike Holmgren

Posted Dec 16, 2009 by Michael Bearak
Mike Holmgren spent Monday and Tuesday in Cleveland meeting with ownership, Eric Mangini and the rest of the Browns in a getting to know you visit.
Browns D-Line
Cleveland Browns
Mike Holmgren appears to be the man in demand. Holmgren spent two days meeting with the brass of the Browns discussing the idea of taking over as head of Football Operations for the 2-11 franchise. Holmgren hasn't decided if Cleveland will be his next stop.
Holmgren is still waiting to talk with Seattle after the recent resignation Tim Ruskell, already has been as a head coach. Holmgren is also looking to talk to a few other teams about possible positions as well.
Head Coach Eric Mangini met with Holmgren during the visit and stressed afterwards that he would be looking forward to working with someone of Holmgren's caliber. Mangini and Holmgren actually have a history together through Bill Parcells and Andy Reid. Mangini said of the discussion, "I thought it was a good conversation. Obviously, he's very talented as a coach. It was a good, positive conversation."
Holmgren's agent, Bob LaMonte, did not immediately return phone calls left for him, although he did join Holmgren on the visit.