Bigfoot picture, story might be too good to be true

Posted Dec 16, 2009 by Stephanie Dearing
A hunting family has released an image of what they claim is a Bigfoot. The image was captured on a rainy night in a remote area of Minnesota by a game camera.
Rice, Minnesota - The Kedrowski family has released a photograph of what they claim appears to be a Sasquatch, saying it is difficult for them to present the image publicly because they do not believe in the creature at all. The Kedrowski family claims the footage was captured on their hunting grounds north of Remer, Minnesota.
Sons Peter and Case set up the stop motion camera prior to their hunting trip, and did not check the footage until after their hunting period was over. The family is alleged to have turned the footage over to a local group, Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team. The team, made up of Don Sherman and Bob Olson are said to be looking into the case. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a website for the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research, although there is a website for Minnesota Bigfoot. There is a Myspace page for Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research, but it does not contain much information.
After the infamous 2008 Georgia Bigfoot hoax, the public has been a little more skeptical about photographs or other pieces of "evidence" that are offered up to the press. Minnesota Bigfoot shares that caution, and at least one member of that organization believes the photograph is a fake, and he went public with his opinions. Tim the Wildman was interviewed by AM 1500 KSTP.
The footage from the camera was not released to the press, only the one still image.
The Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Team is urging anyone who thinks they might have seen a Bigfoot to contact them. They are well equipped with night vision goggles, cameras and listening devices for an investigation .