Air raids continue in Yemen, US military deny involvement

Posted Dec 16, 2009 by Andrew Moran
Military air raids are continuing in the northern region of Yemen and rebels are accusing the United States military of conducting the attacks but Yemen has stated that they are the ones to be on the offensive.
Sana a Old City in Yemen
Sana'a Old City in Yemen
As the war on terror continues, so do little battles in far parts of the world that are largely ignored. US warplanes launched air-strikes on Yemen’s northern regions for the third day, according to Press TV. Northern Yemen has already been the target of a joint Saudi-Yemen offensive campaign against the Houthi fighters.
Houthi fighters have reported that at least 28 attacks were launched by the US military in Sa’ada on Monday, which is in north-western Yemen. On Tuesday, the rebels said at least 120 people were killed in the attacks, reports Reuters. But the Yemen government have said that they were the ones who carried out the attacks. A government source said, reports Khaleej Times, “The heavy blows inflicted by our armed forces have pushed the rebels to the point of despair. One minute, they accuse the Saudi air force, the next it’s the US air force.”
Nevertheless, US Assistant Secretary of State Philip Crowley, at a press briefing in Washington, denied any accusations made by the rebels, “Those kinds of reports keep cropping up. We do not have a military role in this conflict.”
“The savage crime committed by the U.S. air force shows the real face of the United States. The American air force committed massacres ... and used all types of military weapons to destroy villages and houses and schools and public facilities and to kill civilians. Direct American intervention began early last week, and bombing of various areas of north Yemen continues until now.” said the northern rebels on their website.
The Telegraph reports that this week, Washington deployed Special Forces that would assist Yemen in training their armed forces because of fears that the unstable Arab nation may become a base for al-Qaeda.
The US intervention in the region comes as Saudi Arabia announced it would lend its full support to the Yemeni government to crackdown on the Houthi fighters. Saudi Arabia began its assistance two months ago when Yemen launched “Operation Scotched Earth.”
With two or possibly three nations continuing the military offensive, large amounts of civilians have been killed and have left thousands of Yemenis displaced.