Teen takes Mercedes for dunk in apartment complex pool

Posted Dec 8, 2009 by Sandy Sand
The initial fire department call reported that three Los Angelans were trapped and a car was submerged in an apartment complex swimming pool. It turned out to be only a quarter true.
A Mercedes hood ornament
A Mercedes hood ornament
When an LAFD emergency response unit arrived on the scene, the only thing in the pool was a Mercedes headed toward the deep end of the pool with only its sun roof peeking from the clear cold water.
Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott said it could not be confirmed at the time of the accident that the unidentified 19-year-old, who was at the wheel, was practicing his driving in a neighboring parking lot when he accidentally hit the gas peddle instead of the brakes.
Looking like the car was going for a dip, its tail was pointed toward the shallow end steps with it nose in the deep end.
The late afternoon incident occurred in Valley Village located in the San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angeles on Dec. 6, LAFD said.
During the incident the car dove through a chain link fence, proceeded through a second fence made from a heavy metal, then plunged into the pool.
The driver was cold and wet but unharmed, and had managed to extricate himself from the car before firefighters arrived.
The Mercedes didn’t fare as well; it’s considered a total loss, officials said.