The world's largest wave energy device switched on in Scotland

Posted Nov 21, 2009 by Maciej Lewandowski
On Nov. 20, the world's biggest hydro-electric wave energy device, sited off Orkney, has been switched on by the First Minister of Scotland.
Preparing to transport Oyster.
Preparing to transport Oyster.
Aquamarine Power
Device, called the 'Oyster' harnesses the power of sea waves to drive an onshore electric turbine. Electricity produced by the Oyster will be used to power homes in Orkney and beyond.
According to the BBC, a farm of 20 Oysters could provide energy for 9,000 homes.
The Times Online reports that the Oyster will be the precursor of larger, linked sets of devices, capable of delivering amount of power enough to provide energy for about 1400 homes.
First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, quoted by the New Energy Focus website, said:
I'm delighted to see first-hand the full-scale Oyster now installed and operating offshore. This is a key milestone for Aquamarine Power and for Scotland's marine renewables sector.