Toronto News Outlet CP24 Goes Mobile Special

Posted Nov 17, 2009 by KJ Mullins
Toronto's CP24 is the latest local news station to offer its viewers mobile web service. The service was launched Tuesday morning providing users breaking news and "Beat the Traffic."
CP24 goes mobile
CP24 goes mobile
CP24's traffic service will give users the travel times for around town and also show the worst routes to go. According to the station, the platform is the same that is used by their reporters to get traffic and weather information.
The mobile platform also provides users to weather, sports and entertainment updates letting viewers to take the most current news information to wherever they are. CP24 is adapting their needs to Toronto's ever increasing cellular society.
The platform can be used on iPhones, Blackberries and other cellphones.
One of the beta users told Digital Journal that they found the traffic information "very helpful."
Perry St. Germain, Supervising producer at, told Digital Journal that the traffic information comes straight from the traffic cameras used by the news staff.
"You can get the most recent information before you start your trip. The traffic times data tells you the delays and gives you the alternate routes in real time."
St. Germain said that the information on the mobile site gives viewers the most relevant information at a glance and also includes the in-depth articles on the site. When it comes to the weather, Toronto residents using the mobile site will see what is going on in Toronto.
He adds: "All the weather information is the same as what is on the site for the GTA. On the Internet site there is a more extensive area for weather news. We wanted to give those in the GTA information that they would need while they are out and about."