Twitter moves HQ to new 'home-tweet-home'

Posted Nov 14, 2009 by Brenton Currie
Twitter is preparing to open its new offices on Monday, after saying goodbye to their old premises just streets away in Downtown San Francisco.
New Twitter HQ
The new-look Twitter offices as the team attempt to move everything in 72 hours.
Twitter Team (@Sal, @DougW)
On Friday, employees said their last farewells to the old Twitter HQ, as designers work overtime all weekend making the final touches to the new site, located on Folsom St, San Francsico.
"Leaving Twoffice 3.0, which @sara, @al, @dougw, @jess, and a hundred or so workers are whipping into shape for Monday" Twitter CEO Evan Williams tweeted yesterday.
"As much as I loved this [old] office a year ago, the current population has me really excited to move" he also said.
The new office is said to be themed around Twitter's 'clouds' which are found across the site, with reports they are being painted around the walls along with some Web 2.0 icons and ideas.
The new premises were previously occupied by another social-networking site, Bebo, and is approximately 31,000 square feet. AOL Communications Vice President Sarah Gavin told SFGate that Bebo plans to move from the sixth floor to a lower floor "to take up a more appropriate size space in the same building."
It's not yet clear why the company needs such a large area for its current size of just over 30 employees, however if reports claiming that Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone has announced that the service will soon launch a 'paid-for version' for businesses that would give organisations access to new marketing and other tools are to be believed, then the site could be about to expand exponentially.