46 Canadian soldiers receive 1st Sacrifice Medal

Posted Nov 9, 2009 by Bob Ewing
The Sacrifice Medal was created to officially acknowledge Canadians who have either been wounded or killed while serving in the military. This week, 46 soldiers were awarded the medal.
Canadian military personnel
File photo.
As CTV News reports, Canada's Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean presented medals to 46 people, including 21 posthumously to soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. The ceremony took place at Rideau Hall.
"You have made unimaginable sacrifices in the name of justice and freedom. Your families have done the same," the Governor-General said during the presentation. "Many of you have shared your pain with me. Time eases the pain, but it never goes away. You are not alone. Those of you who are wounded also are not alone. We know the price you have paid. Know that Canadians share this pain and pride with you."
A government media release quotes Prime Minister Harper as saying, “Time and again, Canadians have proven themselves to be among the bravest, most skilled and most successful soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen on earth. I want to thank each and every one of today’s recipients, as well as their families and loved ones, for nobly upholding Canada’s proud tradition of courage and sacrifice in the face of any odds.”
The Medal was announced in Aug. 2008, and is awarded to those who have served under Canadian military command since Oct. 7, 2001.
“The Sacrifice Medal is one small way to pay tribute to those Canadians who have given so much in the name of their country," Harper said. "The sacrifices made are the extraordinary acts of people devoted to their fellow human beings and Canada.”