USDA Issues Strong Warnings on Protection of Nation's Water Special

Posted Nov 9, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
Several days ago CBS News reported the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warning for states to comply with quality water standards. In an era of environmental concerns, there is remarkable deviation in water quality across the U.S.
Water Fountain
Water Fountain
According to CBS News, the USDA provided the six states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the District of Columbia with a set of expectations in order to reduce pollution in rivers, streams and the Bay in order to meet standards of good quality water. In parts of Louisiana, the concern has been expressed by citizens about pollution and how oil and gas drilling might negatively affect water quality. Residents in Oregon, however, brag about Bull Run water, eagerly drinking what they consider nature's best right out of the tap.
Delores Blalock, a resident of Natchitoches, Louisiana, is planning to install a water filtering system in a house where she is living as a caretaker. She is familiar with the issues of water pollution to some extent, as she has done some research about the negative consequences to the environment in areas where hydraulic fracturing has been used to tap natural gas. Her property in Saline, Louisiana is approximately 50 acres, and folks around her have capitalized on natural gas companies using their land to drill for gas lines. She maintains since the drilling has taken place outside the boundaries of the Clear Water Act that there should be certain safeguards exercised for protection of the water. Recently she expressed special concern about Natchitoches water, given the regular updates from the city offices that the city water is not up to quality standards. She said, "I worry about the water around here." Her answer to the problem is to use filters for shower and drinking.
While Blaolock worries about water quality in Natchitoches and other areas of Louisiana, Ed Matthews of Portland, Oregon brags about the water quality of Portland. An avid reader of the Portland Oregonian, Matthews mentions that there have been entrepreneurs interested in literally bottling Bull Run water because it is of such good quality. He remarks, "I'm proud to live in an area where the water quality is considered excellent and where I don't have to worry.".
Across the United States, people are beginning to take special interest in protecting the environment. In the meantime the USDA has issued directives to those areas requiring compliance with water quality standards. It is of interest to those who advocate good environmental standards for quality of life, as both Matthews and Blalock maintain.