Op-Ed: Senator Reid fights back against Las Vegas Review Journal

Posted Nov 7, 2009 by Jay David Murphy
Where do we draw the line today? Is it news or opinion when a news organization take sides and chooses to enter one side of a political spectrum. The Las Vegas Review Journal has been spinning against Senator Reid and he is fighting back now.
Senator Harry Reid
Senator Harry Reid speaks with reporters.
Jay David Murphy
Senator Harry Reid and his staff take aim and fire back at the Las Vegas Review Journal (RJ) for what they say is continued spinning of the truth about the Senator. They say reporters and editors at the RJ have taken stories and misrepresented them to make the Senator look bad.
Reid and his staff have now taken up arms and are fighting back.
“Once again, the Las Vegas Review-Journal willfully fails to understand the extent of Harry Reid’s work to help lift Nevada’s economy out of the current recession and keep Nevadans working," a press release sent to Digital Journal’s Jay David Murphy reads.
During the debate over the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Nevada businesses sought tax relief for debt forgiveness. Their initial proposal faced resistance primarily because of its cost. Sen. Reid worked with the chairman of the Finance Committee on a proposal that would be acceptable and that proposal was included in the bill that was reported by the Finance Committee.
As the bill worked through the process, Sen. Reid was able to improve the proposal and beat back opponents in the House and the Administration in Conference and successfully steered the final version to the President’s desk.
Harrah’s credits this provision, and specifically the work of Senator Reid, with protecting the jobs of 31,000 Nevadans. It is simply ludicrous to say that Harry Reid is taking undue credit when, without him, this provision would have never happened.
Thousands of employees at Harrah’s and other gaming companies who took advantage of this provision would have suffered, adding even more weight to the recession that has already done so much damage in Nevada.”
In one article from the RJ, David Danmore, Political Science teacher from UNLV, is quoted as saying, “This is not the first time government officials have fudged numbers In their favor.”
Harrah’s Senior Vice President Jan Jones said and Senator Reid repeated, “For Harrah’s Entertainment, that allowed us to protect 31,000 jobs in Nevada alone. This piece of legislation allowed Harrah’s to work to restructure to make sure we kept our employees employed.”
On getting the bill passed with his adjustments after Senator Ensign and Senator Conrad failed because their versions were not deficit-neutral. Their version added billions to the deficit.
Reid stepped in, resulting in changes that further reduced the burden to tax payers by altering the bill to allow only the postponement of tax payments on capital gains as opposed to wiping out tax obligations as the original bill would have wanted and could not get pass the finance committee.
The Review Journal states, “So Reid can probably take some credit, but it appears that he wants all the credit.”
Reids staff fires back with, “The fact is Reid Is taking the lion’s share of the credit because he’s the one industry leaders and others credit with passing this vital legislation.”
Brian Greenspun of the Las Vegas Sunn said, “Far more important, Harry Reid almost single-handedly gave Nevada a lifeline that will be responsible for saving tens of thousands of jobs throughout the state. At a time when the casino industry in drowning under the dead weight of too much debt, Reid’s efforts will allow businesses to invest in their own debt in ways that will allow employers to save jobs, not end them.”
And so continues the Las Vegas Review Journal's weekly biased attacks on Senator Harry Reid. For what ever reason, the RJ at every turn have taken everything Reid has been doing for the State of Nevada and spinning the truth to cast doubt on him before the next election. It has become apparent the Las Vegas Review Journal has moved from news paper to a FOX-like opinion presented news spin organization.
Rather than reporting the news and leaving the editorials to the editorial pages, Reid says they are now portraying editorials as news.