Danish students connected to the Internet during exams

Posted Nov 5, 2009 by Maciej Lewandowski
Pupils from 14 Danish secondary schools will be allowed to search the Internet while writing their final exams this year.
Glion Classroom - Bulle campus
Glion Classroom - Bulle campus
The new system of exams will be introduced to every school in Denmark in 2011. All students will be able to search the web and to use any website they like. Messaging and emailing will be not allowed.
Danish teachers and officials are convinced that this is good step, as Internet became an inseparable part of modern life. Today's students need to learn how to search for the useful information, how to assess them and how to use them instead of mechanically memorize them.
Sanne Yde Schmidt, teacher from one of the piloting schools, quoted by BBC News, says: If we're going to be a modern school and teach them things that are relevant for them in modern life, we have to teach them how to use the internet.
Most concerns arise regarding the possibility of cheating, but according to the Next Web, Danish students are so disciplined, that they are not going to cheat. Moreover, they say it's not enough time for cheating during the exams.