Farmers Arrested for Planting Hemp on DEA Headquarters Lawn

Posted Oct 14, 2009 by William Suphan
In an act of civil disobedience led by Dr. Bronner (yes, the soap guy), farmers planted hemp seeds on the lawn of DEA Headquarters.
sunn hemp
sunn hemp
David Bronner, known as "Dr. Bronner" who owns a popular natural soap company, led farmers in an act of civil disobedience at the DEA headquarters, where they planted industrial hemp seeds on the lawn of the DEA Headquarters.
Industrial hemp is different from most marijuana in that it contains an extremely low amount of THC, the active euphoric ingredient. One cannot get high on industrial hemp, and the seeds are often used in food products just as the fiber is used for clothing and other industrial uses.
The farmers were arrested along with Bronner by the Arlington County Police. The headquarters is in the same building as the DEA Museum. As he was being led away, he said:
"Our kids are going to come to this museum and say, 'My God. Your generation was crazy. What the hell is wrong with you people?'"
The official charge was trespassing.