Are vaccines killing our children?

Posted Oct 12, 2009 by KJ Mullins
Are vaccines behind the many illnesses our children have today? That is one theory that is going around. Robert Kennedy, Jr. is one of those that question if our children are in danger of their vaccines.
There have been advocates against vaccines because of the threat of autism. They are generally looked at as crackpots in the media, but could they be right? Robert Kennedy,Jr. points out that in areas such as Amish communities and homeschoolers that shun vaccines the rates of autism are almost non-existent. Why then are those rates so high in the vaccinated child groups?
Natural News reports:
"The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective," said Dr. Len Horowitz.
There is a theory that the dangerous preservatives like mercury containing thimerosal within the vaccine hold a serious risk to our children. Could the massive amount of vaccines that children receive during their childhood be poisoning them? At date most children are given about 22 shots before they leave the fifth grade.
In the United States roughly 97% of the population has had their vaccines by the time they reach school age.
Recent stories about the Cervarix vaccine resulting in death have also been appearing. Those who are for the vaccine point out that while the deaths are tragic the number of girls saved outweighs the risks to the vaccine.
There is no doubt that vaccines have helped to protect the population. Polio for one is a disease of the past in most areas because of the use of vaccines. Lockjaw is a rarity today because of the tetanus shot. Smallpox was a common cause of death prior to 1977 when it was erased from the planet. Again, the reason is because of vaccine.
There is also no question that there are risks when it comes to the vaccines. They are often under reported.
Some of the common risks are:
DPT-Diphtheria, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Tetanus
SIDS, encephalitis and seizures
MMR- Measles, Mumps, Rubella
autism, seizures
HB- Hepatitis-B
SIDS, insulin dependent diabetes, chronic arthritis, multiple sclerosis
RotaShield (recalled) -Rotavirus
intestinal obstruction & death
OPV- polio
Cancer causing simian virus transplanted from vaccines in the 50's and 60's
LYMErix- Lyme disease
Chronic arthritic disorders, treatment resistant arthritis
Since the 1930's Thimerosal has been added to vaccines. Thimerosal is mercury. We all know that mercury is lethal. Mercury can cause destructive effects on the nervous system in large quantities.
Consider the vaccines an infant is given. It is estimated that an infant is given 18.7 micrograms of mercury by the time they are 6 months old. Could the varying amount of thimerosal be damaging their developing brain?
The risk is enough that thimerosal is being phased out of United States vaccines. The rest of the world though isn't as concerned. Vaccines for developing nations are not part of any phase out.
So why aren't these facts being printed on a daily basis in the media. The reason is simple, big money doesn't want those facts to be broadcast. The manufacture of vaccines is big business.
That big business is part of the reason that it was not reported that from 1998 until 2007 there were 70-90 infant deaths a year related to vaccines in the United States. Those are the ones that are reported. It is estimated that 3,900 to 7,800 infants die as a result of vaccines a year.
If a killer went on a killing spree killing 70 infants it would be all over the news. For what reason then is it not reported that so many children are buried because of vaccines? Big business silences very effectively.
Let's go back to the smallpox vaccine. More people died from the smallpox vaccine than from any other vaccine.
Naturo reports:
"How is it that smallpox is five times as likely to be fatal in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated? "How is it that in some of our most highly vaccinated towns -- for example, Bombay and Calcutta -- smallpox is rife, whilst in some of our most poorly vaccinated towns, such as Leicester, it is almost unknown? How is it that something like 80 percent of the cases admitted into the Metropolitan Asylums Board smallpox hospitals have been vaccinated, whilst only 20 percent have not been vaccinated?"
Those questions were asked in 1928 and appeared in the British Medical Journal.
Early vaccination programs of smallpox were not as successful as they have been reported in history books.
From 1870-1871 over 1 million people in Germany died of smallpox. The Germans had used the vaccine widely, 96 percent of those dead had been vaccinated.
Flash forward to 1971:
"About 10 to 15 years ago, some of my colleagues in the United States gave me some very interesting information. They said that smallpox vaccination had been stopped, not because smallpox had been wiped out, but because they were having trouble with the vaccine. They would vaccinate an individual and that individual would give active smallpox to a contact. The whole thing was out of control and they weren't game to use it."
Dr. Archie Kalokerinos of Australia
While there are mandates for vaccines to be used should more information be given to parents on the true facts on side effects? Don't parents have the right to make an educated choice as to if their children are to be given this massive amount of vaccine?
One last little tidbit for you to ponder, the FDA has removed the use of thimerosal in dog vaccines. It's still in the flu vaccines in the United States.
Are dogs more important now than our children?
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