Plane Crashes in Algonquin Provincial Park, Killing 4

Posted Oct 11, 2009 by Mark M Drewe
A small plane plummeted into Ontario's Algonquin park on Saturday, October 10th, the first crash at the park in over 10 years.
Algonquin Park
Algonquin Park in Central Ontario, Muskoka Region
Joerg Ruwe
A family flying from Kingston to Sudbury in a Piper PA-28 plane crashed into the vastly forested Algonquin park in the Muskoka region of Ontario, killing the husband, wife, daughter and boyfriend, OPP North Bay reported on Sunday.
The 2-hour flight was supposed to land at Sudbury airport on Saturday night, but relatives called police when they did not arrive.
OPP North Bay confirmed that there was a downed plane in the Western quarter of the park; the plane hit a tree and had a severed wing, while three unidentified occupants were ejected. However, rescue and recovery attempts have been complicated by the difficult terrain, which is dotted with many lakes and very little land access.
"Right now we don't have access via land. There are some bush roads but not close enough, so right now (the recovery teams) are being transported back and forth by helicopter," Constable Carolle Dionne said via telephone interview.
Police also do not know if the crash was caused by mechanical or a weather-related issue. The accident is especially tragic given the Thanksgiving weekend has a lot of police awareness programs about boat and driving safety, but very little surrounding aircrafts.