Aussie man implants ear into forearm

Posted Oct 9, 2009 by Bob Gordon
The headline for this article sounds like something you'd read in a supermarket tabloid. But in this case, it is absolutely true; a Melbourne artist had it done in 2007 and pictures are making their way around the Internet now.
Stelarc s third ear
Stelarc is an artist who had an ear implanted into his arm
Photo by apolaine
Stelios Arcadiou, a Cypriot living in Melbourne who also goes by the name "Stelarc," had the ear implanted on the inside of his upper left arm, the BBC reported in 2007.
The 62-year-old artist showed off the arm the new arm-ear in April 2009 at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Then, he told a reporter from The Mirror, “It is a permanent part of me now – after six months it becomes fused to the arm and has its own blood supply.”
Yesterday he spoke at a lecture titled "The Cadaver, The Comatose & The Chimera: Avatars Have No Organs," at the University of Washington Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media, reports the Seattle Times.
Not satisfied with simply fusing his body to a third ear, Stelarc had a microphone installed in the ear. A microphone that pick ups the ambient sounds of his life including, occasionally, his own voice. These audioscapes of Stelarc’s life are then broadcast online.
The third phase of Stelarc’s career has yet to be realized. He plans to have it wired up so that people can phone his ‘ear’ and when they speak the sounds will come out of his mouth. The "Internet-enabled" ear was grown partly from his own adult stem cells.
His other projects are as strange as the ear; he once had liposuction with his female co-director and developed a blender that looked more like a boiler so his lipids could blend forever with those of his co-star. He has also built an “an automated, animated and reasonably informed prosthetic head.”
Upcoming projects include a spider like creature that is half human and half machine.