Tear gas flies in Pittsburgh at the G20 conference

Posted Sep 24, 2009 by Jay David Murphy
Tear gas was launched against protesters at the G20 conference in Pittsburgh, with CNN reporter Brian Todd getting caught up in the line of fire.
G20 protest
Tear gas has been launched against protesters at the G20 conference in Pittsburgh
Photo by iwasaround
CNN reporter Brian Todd and his crew were caught up in a tear gas situation as police ordered protesters outside the G20 conference. Police said protesters had to “disperse for unlawful assembly.”
Unedited videos by CNN show the confrontation takes place with the police over loud speakers ordering the crowd to disperse.
Businesses in the area took precautions and boarded windows and shut down for the day. Reports on CNN are saying it's like a ghost town.
Protesters for the environment, the economy, as well as anarchists have been moved away from the convention center where world leaders will be assembling shortly.
President Barack Obama is now at his hotel room after arriving in Pittsburgh.
The main emphasis for this G20 conference will be global economy.