Mr. Media Radio: Jay Karnes, actor, 'Donkey Punch,' 'Burn Notice' Special

Posted Sep 18, 2009 by Bob Andelman
As “Brennan,” Jay Karnes makes life miserable for Michael Weston on USA Network’s cool spy show, “Burn Notice.” He’s the first recurring bad guy to make an impact opposite the show’s regulars and it seems likely we haven’t seen the last of
Donkey Punch  starring Jay Karnes and Ann Russo
Donkey Punch, starring Jay Karnes and Ann Russo
Donkey Punch the Movie
Of course, fans of “The Shield” know Karnes best as L.A.P.D. Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach.
AUDIO EXCERPT: "Not a week goes by where I don't slip it in the ear of my wife that maybe it would be a good idea. She doesn't seem really in favorite of it. I don't know why! A little experimentation, that's all!"
In Donkey Punch, a new short film just starting to appear at film festivals, Karnes plays a vulnerable young man on a blind Internet date where the chit-chat with Ann Russo, his date, caroms from what she can tell from his shoes to whether he knows what a “Donkey Punch” is. And when he finds out that that’s what she wants from him.
You can LISTEN to this interview with actor JAY KARNES, co-star of DONKEY PUNCH, "BURN NOTICE" and "THE SHIELD," by clicking the audio player above!