Sarah Palin claims win on 'death panels' in healthcare reform

Posted Aug 14, 2009 by Patrick McMahon
Sarah Palin, who earlier this week sparked a firestorm over her "death panel" remarks, is claiming victory over the controversy.
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin was the vice presidential running mate to Republican John McCain.
Photo courtesy McCain campaign
News broke yesterday that the Senate reform bill will not include end of life care provisions, after fears of euthanasia and "death panels." Palin brought the issue of euthanasia and "death panels" to the attention of millions of people and sparked outrage over the remarks.
President Obama commented on "death panels" on Tuesday and the White House has labeled the former 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee as one of those who is fear mongering. Despite that, Sarah Palin on her Facebook page, is celebrating the exclusion of the end of life provisions from the Senate bill.
To date, Palin has not taken back her remarks and sought to defend them yesterday in a separate Facebook message.
Here is a link to Governor Palin's Facebook comments.