Beer Busted at Hip Hop Car show at Sahara Event Center in Vegas Special

Posted Jul 25, 2009 by Jay David Murphy
Beer was banned and sent away by the Clark County Health Department after Las Vegas Metro Police would not allow the simultaneous Low Rider Car Show to happen, leaving an empty Sahara Event Center for the Hip Hop Show which did go on.
Promoters load beer kegs to be taken away
Promoters load beer kegs to be taken away as a Department of Health watches.
Jay David Murphy
Rain threatened, and then overcast skies rolled in, and then the bad news came that the Low Rider Car Show outside the Sahara Event Center was canceled. According to event organizers, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police would not allow that portion of the indoor/outdoor event to take place. Inside, the Sahara Event Center 39 rappers were on the billing for this first time event called ‘Invasion Las Vegas Hip Hop Concert’. The duel event was doomed from the beginning.
JK Promotions, spear heading this event in the old shopping complex in central Las Vegas, was disappointed that the car show portion of the event was canceled. But that came early in the day and the night was just getting interesting.
Vendors showed up at about 4pm, and then the Clark County Health inspector showed up. After going through the outside food vendor’s set up, which was approved, the inspector went inside the event hall, which normally supports roller derby and holds 6,000 people.
It was not long before kegs of beer began to come out the door which had gone in the front just before 4pm. Then a second cart of kegs of beer came out the door and was to put in an SUV to be removed from the complex.
Then undercover police came in and pulled event organizers aside. The indoor concert was in jeopardy of not taking place and rappers and fans that were there early began to leave.
For an hour, discussions were held, then the security team left and it looked like the whole event was shut down for good.
Then the under cover officer left and the organizer’s announced that the indoor event was continuing minus beer and security with the permission of government officials.
Empty roller derby rink hosting Hip Hop Concert
The DJ plays music to no one in the empty roller rink hosting the hip hop concert
Jay David Murphy
The event did go on with almost no one there in the empty roller rink. The DJ on the temporary stage played music and one or two people wandered in.
Digital Journal was there for the whole series of events, and once the dust cleared got two interviews. One of interview’s with the event organizer and the other with the owner of the Sahara Event Center.
Dan Coratea owner of the Sahara Event Center said, “We did everything by the book except for one thing, one of the promoters forgot to go to one more window to get the proper permits for alcohol. We dotted our I’s but we missed crossing a T.”
He went on to say, “The security company that was hired sent two people and they did not want to do the event without back up security and the extra people for security who came through the promoters did not have the proper paper work, so the security people left and the others left as well.”
Visibly unhappy with the turn of the events Dan took the positive approach and spoke about how “this was a learning experience” and vowed to keep following the bold plan to hold special events and try bring people in to the complex. The determination in his eyes and the conviction in the tone of his voice was that of man preparing for battle.
After speaking with Dan Corsata, Digital Journal spoke with Kevin Robinson owner of JK Productions in his upstairs office adjacent to the Sahara Events Center.
Kevin Robinson of JK Promotions
Kevin Robinson of JK Promotions stands at the bottom of the stairs leading up to his office.
Jay David Murphy
We sat down in his conference room which reminded you of days gone by in Las Vegas, with its oval black table and high back white over stuffed chairs.
Kevin Robinson started with explaining his disappointment but took the same optimistic tone for the future of what they are trying to do as Dan did. His conviction to succeeding in this project of “cultural diversity” is powerful.
“I created this out of a dream overnight, I brought all these people together and shared my vision and now we have taken our first step. The government officials did their jobs professionally. They did their jobs with the safety for all in mind and to protect citizens.”
He continued with, “It was stressful and discouraging, but I am determined more than ever now to put on timely cultural events that provide a release for people during these economic times. The outside events are always gong to be free and will happen at the same time as related events in the Sahara Events Center. We will be doing country and western, Hispanic, and Asian themed events. We are not just a rap show. We are creating a street fair atmosphere.”
Kevin Robinson of JK Promotions
Kevin Robinson of JK Promotions in his conference room.
Jay David Murphy
What’s important to him is “happiness, because it is a prelude to love and love is next to Godliness.”
Las Vegas metro shows up at Sahara Event Center
Las Vegas metro shows up at Sahara Event Center
Jay David Murphy
About an hour after interviewing Kevin Robinson, five metro patrol cars rolled in front the event center and an officer walked in to see what was going on. Chuckles erupted when they realized that there were just a couple of people in the small stadium.
The irony of the moment is about 30 people showed up when they saw the police show up.
The event did take place and organizers and the owner of the Sahara Event Center will hold the Saturday portion of the event and Digital Journal will be there to hopefully hear and enjoy some unknown Las Vegas rapper talent. You can learn more about the promotions on this and other events in the shopping complex at
Update from Saturday, the show never got off the ground, organizers and vendors showed up, but no one else did. They shut the doors at 10pm and called the second night of the event off.