Chinese to import fewer online games

Posted Jul 25, 2009 by Wang Fangqing
Chinese game firms are seeking domestic options as the government will implement a five-year program promoting clean online games.
China's top game firms, including Shanghai-based Shanda and Giant, are trying to fund domestic independent game teams for future games.
The news broke at the seventh China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, aka China Joy (CJ) , held in Shanghai from July 24 to 26, reports Shanghai Daily.
At a conference during CJ, Liu Wei, president of Nasdaq-listed Giant -- a company specializing in modern war games -- said the company has invested in five game teams and will continue to look for new ones.
Shanda, China's No. 1 game firm and it's also listed on the Nasdaq. The company was promoting its "18 Funds" project during CJ, and the budget will be increased to 3 billion yuan (US$439 million) from the previous 1 billion (US$146 million).
Famous for ancient Chinese martial arts games, Shanda has invested 500 million yuan (US$73.1 million) in the project so far.
Foreign games are facing stricter regulations in the approval process as they attempt to enter China.