Toronto Tops The World Travel Watch

Posted Jul 7, 2009 by Carolyn E. Price
Toronto's ongoing municipal inside and outside workers strike has now negatively affected the way the world see it as a travel destination, as it climbs to number one on the World Travel Watch advisory.
Raccoon by LexnGer.
As we were leaving a friend s place  I saw this guy reach up and topple over th...
Raccoon by LexnGer. As we were leaving a friend's place, I saw this guy reach up and topple over the green compost bin. (which I was too slow to shoot) Then riffle through it for interesting tidbits.
flickr LexnGar
Apparently, vacationers being falsely imprisoned, an outbreak of bubonic plague, a surge in the number of cases of dengue fever and the overthrow of a government and all the upheaval that entails, pales in comparison to a strike by municipal workers in the City of Toronto.
The World Travel Watch, written by San Francisco Chronicle travel writer Larry Habegger, has ranked Toronto as the number one place not to go to because of a strike by the 24,000 municipal workers.
Torontonians are "dumping their trash at 19 temporary dump sites, including city parks" and "visitors were surprised to see the mounds of trash throughout the city that is known for its cleanliness" are some of the high(low)lights from Mr. Habegger's column that basically trashes Toronto's reputation.
So it would seem that the potential of smelling or seeing some piles of garbage merits more attention than getting bit by a flea, and having the resultant disease cause your lymph glands to swell, your lungs fill with fluid, spots break out all over your body that are both black and red, you vomit blood, and you suffer great pain while your skin and bones decay from the plague.
Thank goodness this journalist is able to warn travellers in the San Francisco area to avoid Canada and the cities of Toronto and Windsor in particular. We would definitely not want to assault their olfactory or visual senses with anything as heinous as garbage, now would we?