Airline's Naked Safety Video: The Very Barest Essentials

Posted Jul 3, 2009 by M Dee Dubroff
Air New Zealand has found a way to make travelers pay closer attention to safety briefings by briefing them in terms of, well, their briefs! Their in-flight air safety video depicts a pilot and crew wearing nothing but body paint. Read on, if you dare.
Is it a bit chilly in here?
Is it a bit chilly in here?
According to news sources, Air New Zealand hopes that its novel idea for an inflight air safety video will ensure that even the most jaded flyers notice their surroundings more acutely than before. Notching up more than two million hits on YouTube, it’s possible that viewers may have clicked more than once on the footage, thinking they had too many martinis and unable to believe their eyes at the first viewing.
In the 3-minute, 28- second ‘Bare Essentials of Safety’ video, the pilot and crew are wearing body paint to resemble their normal uniforms. As the crew demonstrates what passengers must do in the event of an emergency, their private parts are obscured by well-placed oxygen masks, life jackets, seat belts and luggage.
For the crewmembers, the in-flight safety video was a true labor of love. They received no payment for this naked episode but they certainly gleaned a lot of attention in a limelight accustomed to more clothing. This is not the first time this airline has used scantily clad staff to make a point. Psychologically, their recent “Nothing to Hide” marketing campaign, which included chief executive, Rob Fyffe, dressed to kill in only body paint, made its point in a way nothing else could.
It’s clear that Air Zealand’s hearts (and bottoms) are in the right place.
What do YOU think about this? (Your opinion counts whether you are dressed or not.)