'Imeldific' Wants her Diamonds Back

Posted Jun 17, 2009 by John Louie S. Ramos
Imelda Marcos saw it as her duty, as the first lady of the Philippines, to inspire and motivate her poverty-stricken countrymen. By doing so, she must own 3,000 pairs of shoes together with arguably the world's largest jewelry collection.
File photo
At least that's what she thinks.
As reported by, Marcos, the wife of the late president Ferdinand Marcos demands that her jewelry, that was earlier confiscated by the Philippine government be returned.
Citing that her jewelry were legitimately hers since the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), the agency who is in charge of keeping the so-called "ill-gotten" wealth, hasn't filed any case against her yet.
The jewelry collection which approximately is valued at about P15 Billion ($300 million) has been confiscated by the government shortly after the Marcoses were swept to power in the 1986 EDSA revolt.
Mrs.Marcos also noted that her husband was already rich even before they got married, repelling off claims that she, her husband, and their friends emptied the Philippine government’s treasury.
Aside from the contested jewels, the Marcos' wealth which were freeze includes $683 million in Marcos Swiss accounts, several private estates, and secret ownership of shares in private corporations of Marcos cronies.
It's very ironic that the lady who was listed atop in Newsweek's list of greediest people of all time is now claiming that she is at the verge of poverty.