Sir Paul McCartney calls for meatless Mondays

Posted Jun 17, 2009 by Bob Ewing
Sir Paul McCartney has issued a call for meat-free Mondays urging people to reject meat and go vegetarian once a week to help combat climate change.
Sir Paul and his daughters Stella and Mary and a host of other A list stars, are urging everyone to give up meat on Mondays.
Meat Free Monday is meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the world's livestock population, thought to be a major cause of global warming.
McCartney in an interview with the Independent said : "Many of us feel helpless in the face of environmental challenges, and it can be hard to know how to sort through the advice about what we can do to make a meaningful contribution to a cleaner, more sustainable, healthier world.
"Having one designated meat-free day a week is a meaningful change that everyone can make, that goes to the heart of several important political, environmental and ethical issues all at once."
He added: "We should care about climate change because if we don't, we are going to leave our children and their children in a hell of a mess."
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation claims meat production is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. Compare this figure to an estimated 13% from transport.
"I think the time is right now for this idea," he said.
Fashion designer Stella added: "Whether you eat meat or not, you can be part of this decision to limit the meat industry destroying our planet's resources."
Her photographer sister Mary described the scheme as an "achievable goal".
Coldplay Chris Martin, Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey and Woody Harrelson, actress Joanna Lumley and tycoon Sir Richard Branson are among those backing the campaign.
Sir Richard said: "I love eating meat, but I love our planet even more, so I will join this campaign and stop eating meat at least one day a week."