Hugh Grant kicks paparazzi photographer

Posted Jun 12, 2009 by Sukhdeep Chhabra
The "Love Actually" star lashed out at a photographer in New York City outside a popular restaurant. The whole incident was captured on video by the paparazzi.
Will Compernolle
Actor Hugh Grant reportedly attacked a photographer in New York City after coming out of Waverly Inn, a popular celebrity hangout.
The paparazzi started taking photos of the Brit star outside the restaurant in West Village while he walked to another nightspot.
Grant seems to take the attention sportingly, engaging in some playful joshing with the camera person. That is, until he loses his cool and kicks the photographer in the groin. The photographer was only trying to point Grant in the right direction for a cab, reports TMZ.
After getting kicked, the photographer shouted, “That wasn’t cool. What the f**k is your problem? I thought we were being nice guys. I was trying to help you find a cab…”
This is not the first time the Sense and Sensibility star has acted insensibly over the pursuing shutterbugs. He also reportedly, kicked a photographer outside his London home in 2007.