18 killed in gun battle between Mexican army, gunmen

Posted Jun 7, 2009 by Kera Ellingson
Around 18 people, including two Mexican soldiers, were killed Saturday night. The Mexican Ministry of Defense said the gun battle took place in Acapulco between organized-crime suspects and the Mexican army.
The fight began about 7 p.m., when the soldiers went to an area in Acapulco called Avenida Rancho Grande to follow up leads on an anonymous tip.
Five people have been arrested. Nine soldiers were wounded. Two soldiers and sixteen gunmen were killed.
The gunmen have not been identified, but have been claimed to belong to organized crime.
The ministry is claiming that authorities seized 36 large-caliber weapons, 13 small-caliber weapons, two grenade launchers, 13 fragmentation grenades, 3,525 rounds of various caliber ammunition, 180 charges and eight vehicles.